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Kansas City – Johnson County

God is moving in Kansas City and the harvest is ripe!

Like never before, God is knitting the Body of Christ together with a common vision to see every soul saved. It’s time to connect on the real issues in our communities, and to focus on reaching the lost!

Join us April 13th at the Big Biscuit in Lenexa as Christian leaders from different ethnicities, theological backgrounds and burdens come together around tables to solve real challenges, build relationships, and dream about what we could do together that we couldn’t do apart. This is not a new organization we are asking you to join, rather we aim to bring together the family of God to look at the Great Commission in a new light, and develop sustainable strategies built around long-term relationships.

Christian leaders from different areas of society (ministries, the marketplace, education, etc.) will bring their perspective to the table, as we discuss what it would look like to see every person reached, and every area of our society touched and transformed by the gospel. At the end of our time together we will leave with next steps and be able to answer the question,” What area of Johnson County am I responsible for?”

We are imagining a future where each region meets 2x a year in meetings like this where we work together to assess how our region is doing in 5 key areas:

  • Prayer
  • Bible Engagement
  • Evangelism/Discipleship
  • Compassion/Justice
  • Church or micro-church planting

We will track the fruitfulness through the year in each region, and once a year each of the regions meet to gain an assessment of the progress we are making across the city over time.

It will take us time and effort to establish a baseline but in a couple of years we will have a picture of what is happening across our city. Where there is progress, we will attempt to replicate it in the other regions. Where these is need, we will attempt to rally to the need.