The All.America initiative is helping to bring together the Body of Christ in America strategically to reach every person in this important hour.

The aim of All.America

is not to replace the efforts of existing ministries but to partner together with the common goal of transforming the nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. What would it look like if every campus, every home and every person in America was prayed for by name and engaged with the gospel multiple times?



We can do this…
If we each do our part.

Community Plans

To effectively reach all of America we need to be intentional at a local level and work together to develop a plan. This will look different in every community but should always include these three phases:

  • Preparation

    Spiritual & Organizational

  • Proclamation Of Truth

    Personal, Public & Social Media

  • Preservation

    Discipleship Movements

We Can Help You!

  • Make A Plan

    Gather a group of like-minded community leaders and we can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reach your whole community.

  • Connect With Partners

    We can help you connect with great ministry partners while recommending tried and tested resources to help you:

    • find fresh ways to connect with your community
    • talk confidently about Jesus
    • start a discipleship club in your school
    • discover new tools to engage with the Bible
    • start a social media campaign
    • …you get the idea. Get in touch!
  • Make a Big Impact

    With decades of experience and cutting edge expressions of evangelism we can help you plan and execute highly successful outreaches in your community.



Become A Partner

All.America is a network of partnerships. We are bringing together the most relevant and effective tools to share Jesus, engage with the Bible and disciple people of all ages. Get in touch via the website.


Calling all community, civic, business and ministry leaders:

Your expertise and influence is needed to fully impact your community. What would it take to see transformation in all areas of society: education, government, media, family, the arts and business?

Take Action

  • Contribute your resources, people, voice or connections.
  • Help convene on a national and/or regional level to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy to reach all with the gospel.
  • Participate is some of the key task forces that are implementing the vision.
  • Help to promote this initiative via word-of-mouth or social media and spread the word through your network.
  • Personally sponsor a portion of All.America’s strategic elements (summits, the app, campaigns, etc.) or be involved in other parts of fundraising.



Churches & Ministries

You are uniquely placed within your community to affect change. We all want to see people grow in their faith, step out boldly in sharing Jesus and teach others how to follow Him.

Take Action

  • Plan a church kick-off to share the All.America initiative with your congregation and demonstrate how every one can adopt their neighbors.
  • Research the area around you and commit to connect every person with Jesus, the Bible and your Christian community.
  • Schedule time for training on how to share Jesus and disciple others.
  • Work with others to hold events proclaiming Jesus publicly and care for those who respond to the gospel.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the All.America app free?

    Yes, All.America is free. Our goal is to equip and empower the Body of Christ to pray for and engage their neighbors, coworkers, and schoolmates with the gospel.

  • My app is not working. What should I do?

    You can try to uninstall your app and then reinstall it. You can also check if the system requirements are up to date on your phone.

  • Will my neighbors know that I am praying for them?

    No, your neighbors will not know who is praying for them in the All.America app.
    You can personally connect with them and share that you have been praying for them—it could be the beginning of a great friendship!

  • What happens with my content?

    The app allows you to add names and notes to your adopted household cards. You can also create custom groups. The content you add is only visible to you and people you share it with (e. g. your groups). All.America does not collect or share this data.

  • Can I invite other people to pray for my neighborhood group?

    The short answer is “no”. The goal of All.America is for YOU to adopt, pray for and connect with households in YOUR neighbourhood. Encourage your friends to do the same right where THEY live.
    Have a look at “My groups”, where you can list people you want to pray for (e.g. family, friends, co-workers…) and invite others to pray with you.

  • How do you define “your neighbourhood”?

    In the default “My Neighbours” group the app allows you to adopt people within a 3 mile radius of your home. The aim of All.America is to pray for and connect with people close to your home.

  • Can a household be adopted by multiple people?

    Households can be adopted by more than one person. We encourage you to choose households near you who are not adopted yet. Those already adopted show up as a different color when you adopt them and have a note on their card. The other person praying for them or the adopted household members will not know who you are.

  • How do I add notes for people I am praying for?

    Tap the “flip the card” link prayer card for the household you are praying for and add notes for the household. You can also add people to each household and add personal notes. This information will only be visible to you.

  • Can I pray for more than 12 households?

    Yes, you can pray for more than 12 households. More households in your area will be unlocked as you pray and connect with the initial 12 you adopted.

    I am having technical issues with the app. Who can I contact?
    For any technical issues, please contact us at