Every Christian can

  • Pray for your neighbors regularly
  • Connect with them through compassion and justice
  • Connect them with Jesus 
  • Connect them with the Bible
  • Connect them with a Christian community

The people you know

You are with people every day – at work, in school, online, on the phone, having fun with friends and family – be intentional about praying for them by name and connecting with them regularly.

Step outside your door

Now, have a look up and down the street/hallway/stairs – those are more people you can pray for and connect with easily.

Together for all

Encourage your Christian neighbors, friends, and family to get involved until there is no household left in your neighborhood that doesn’t have someone connecting with them.


We have put together a range of tools to help you define and reach your All – guides for small groups, churches, local communities; timelines, templates, sermon outlines, partner ministry resources and training…

Your church

Share the vision of All.America with your church leaders and send them a link to the page for churches.

Your Local Community

Your Local Team

All across America, groups of like-minded community leaders are gathering to develop comprehensive strategies to reach whole communities as part of All.America.
Use the contact form below and let us connect you with your local team.

No Local Team Yet?

Be instrumental in starting the All.America initiative in your own community. Could you host an exploratory meeting of Christian leaders and invite an All.America representative to share the vision and strategy? We have found having a good mix of like-minded civic, business, church, prayer and network leaders around the same table to be very effective.

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Together we can reach every campus, every home, and every person in America!

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