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The All.America Initiative is helping to bring together the Body of Christ in America strategically to reach every person in this important hour.


All.America is a non-denominational, non-profit initiative designed to serve all churches, groups, organizations and individuals within the Body of Christ.

Our hope is that All.America becomes an element to help the entire Christian community accomplish the Great Commission. It is not meant to compete with any other initiative, but rather to complement them.

All.America is an initiative of call2all.


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All.America • PO Box 838 • Grandview • MO 64030 • USA


There is a great move of the Church around the globe. At the same time America is in rapid spiritual and moral decline.

Kansas Summit Invitation

call2all President, Mark Anderson, invites leaders to Kansas City on May 4th. (1:57)

All.America Kansas Summit

Could Kansas become the birthplace of another move of God in our country's history? All.America is a national initiative launching, first, by bringing together state leaders from every sphere to collaborate on a comprehensive and actionable…

The Send

Approximately 56,000 Christians were gathered at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida on February 23rd of 2019. All.America is working together with The Send to build actionable strategies as the follow-up to these catalytic…

“We’ve never done it this way before”

To pray for every person in America by name is – for the first time – possible. We become increasingly aware that to accomplish this task, we need to tap into all the tools of…

All means All

As we gather and seek the Lord, He gives us a very simple name for this initiative and quickly confirms it - it's just right: "All" It does not exclude anyone or anything - and…

An urging from the Lord

In November 2016, Mark Anderson, President of call2all, was awakened with the word, “reprieve.” As Mark and others gathered to pray about the word “reprieve”, it became clear that the Lord was speaking about America.…





and its members engaging their neighborhoods.



and believers praying and connecting with their neighbors.



hosting All.America teams for school assemblies.



comprising of school, community, and church venues.




Become A Part Of It


Pray for everyone BY NAME.
You don’t need any tool, any location, any ability, any education, or any permission.

And once you start praying for a person, look for ways to connect and share life and the Good News with them:

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Civic and marketplace leaders, community organizers, educators, church leaders, and other Christians who want to see America transformed through the Gospel… we are here to help you impact your community.

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To get in touch with the All.America team, please get email us at