The All Movement is a comprehensive strategy towards seeing the Great Commission completed in every level of society. It defines the Great Commission through 5 Finish Lines, and measures them in 7 spheres.

Local Strategy Roundtable

This course is for Community Leadership Team. This gets you acquainted with a strategy roundtable and what it can look like, as well as an outline of a roundtable you can use, at the end of the course.

Church Course

This course is for Churches who want to launch their church into the Pray+Connect framework. It utilizes the small group guide, sermon series, All.America app, and the church pack.

City Coach Course

A City Coach is someone who adopts a city and helps propel the All movement forward in that area. The City Coach Course is designed to help train you in stewarding the ALL movement in your city. It will teach you the basics of the All movement, along with the necessary skills you will need in order to facilitate round table conversations, implement mapping and tracking strategies, and the spiritual foundation to see the Great Commission completed in your city.

This course will provide a base comprehension of the concepts of ALL, and provide opportunities for deeper understanding through partner resources and training courses.