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Schools provide one of the greatest opportunities for transforming America. Christian students, adult leaders, educators, churches, and organizations together can reach and disciple this next generation. 

Christian Students can use the Finish Line (see below) tools to pray for, reach and disciple other students. 

Adult leaders equip and mentor students and can volunteer at schools.

Educators facilitate the sponsoring of Clubs and connecting real needs to churches.

Churches adopt and serve schools, meeting the needs of the families in their community. 

Partner Organizations provide resources, training, and best practices. 

Adopt your school

In partnership with our friends at Campus Alliance, we encourage you to adopt schools near you and pray for them regularly. Using the form below will sign you up to their “Every Student Every School” project.

 This functionality is currently administered by the ESES team.

Here are some more RESOURCES from our partners. We grouped them by Finish Line for you.

Prayer Resources

Compassion & Justice Resources

Evangelism Resources

Bible Resources

Christian Community Resources