The adopters pray for everyone BY NAME.
You don’t need any tool, any location, any ability, any education, or any permission – not even from the people you’re praying for. You are 100% free to pray for anything and anyone, and no one can stop you. It’s the one thing everyone can do, for everyone.



Every household in your city prayed for BY NAME.
Every student in your school prayed for BY NAME.
Every person in your company/team/gym… prayed for BY NAME.



Once you start praying for a person, look for ways to connect and share life and the Good News with them:


Connect for a coffee
Connect with a life group
Connect on a deeper level
Connect online
Connect at the school gate/gym/water cooler
Connect them with someone who can help
Connect them with their Heavenly Father
Connect with what God is doing around you
Connect …