Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All.America is an initiative of call2all and they have provided the app free of charge for individuals with the goal of having everyone in America prayed for and connected to Jesus! If you would like to contribute to movement and costs of maintaining the app feel free to go to the donate page.

No, your neighbors will not know who is praying for them in the All.America app.
You can personally connect with them and share that you have been praying for them—it could be the beginning of a great friendship!

The app allows you to add names and notes to your adopted household cards. You can also create custom groups. The content you add is only visible to you and people you share it with (e. g. your groups).

The short answer is “no”. The goal of All.America is for YOU to adopt, pray for and connect with households in YOUR neighbourhood. Encourage your friends to do the same right where THEY live.
Have a look at “My groups”, where you can list people you want to pray for (e.g. family, friends, co-workers…) and invite others to pray with you. By adding cards to groups you can invite others to join that group and pray together for those you’ve adopted.

In the default “My Neighbors” group the app allows you to adopt people within a 3 mile radius of your home. The aim of All.America is to pray for and connect with people close to your home.

Yes! The more the merrier! At the same time consider adopting those that are not being prayed for so we can cover everyone in America in prayer and connect them to Jesus.  

Although we do not provide the names of those that live in the homes, the goal is that everyone is prayed for by name. This means that your personal connection with them is very important to identify not just their name but their prayer requests as well. There is space on the “back of each card” to add their names and notes.

Tap the “flip the card” link prayer card for the household you are praying for and add notes for the household. You can also add people to each household and add personal notes. This information will only be visible to you.

As many as you are willing to pray for and connect with on a regular basis. 

You can try to uninstall your app and then reinstall it. You can also check if the system requirements are up to date on your phone.

For any technical issues, please contact us at

Churches all over America are coming together to pray for and connect with the lost. Email for information about how your church can participate and get involved with what’s happening in your area.